LastPass Review: The freemium world for ya!

Today, having hundreds of accounts across different sites is very common. With those many accounts comes the hassle of remembering those many passwords, unless you are using a single password for everything which you shouldn’t at all. But, gone are the days when we had to remember all our passwords or even keep the passwords in an Excel file. Now, we use a password manager and remember only ONE MASTER PASSWORD but choosing one can be very difficult at times. The two most popular names in Password Managers are LastPass and 1Password. And for the last 4 years, I have been using LastPass as my choice.


Firstly, I have been hooked to LastPass because it offers a free service as well along with a premium subscription. But I am lucky that LastPass turned out to be a very good Password Manager.

For all the tech geeks out there, passwords are encrypted with AES-256 encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256salted hashes, and it also has the ability to increase password iterations value. All encryption and decryption take place at the device level. So, it pretty much meets industry standards. If you’re wondering about keyloggers, don’t worry there’s the option of using a virtual on-screen keyboard to enter your password.

LastPass Security

LastPass is available as a browser extension for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera. There are also universal installers available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. There’s also a standalone Mac app and mobile apps for iOS and Android. It supports multi-factor authentication, which makes it much less likely that you’ll be the victim of a phishing attack

LastPass Pricing

I have been using LastPass on my Android and Windows PC for a couple of years now and I am happy with it. Other than a few starters and hick-ups here and there, the Android app is good. It keeps all the passwords in a sorted way. The user can segment different passwords by creating folders and subfolders which makes it much cleaner. The app also helps in generating new passwords depending on the different parameters set by the user. Not only passwords, but LastPass can also be used to save other sensitive details as well such as Bank Account details, Payment Card details, Wi-Fi Passwords, etc. The app can only be accessed by using the master password or by successfully validating the user’s fingerprint. The sync feature is good too, i.e., passwords saved from one device can be accessed from other devices as well but they both have to be logged in with the same account. But the Android app of LastPass lacks a Dark Mode as of now so might get blinded by the bright white background which opening the app at night. The autofill feature also works pretty well too and each time the user needs to verify his/her fingerprint. The app also provides a secure browser inside it.

LastPass Security

One feature which I really liked about LastPass is the “Security Challenge” feature. This feature, LastPass, shows you a detailed report about all your passwords and gives you a score and a rank by comparing your passwords with others. Don’t worry, it is not like that they are reading your passwords but it’s like you can see the report and check which of your passwords are weak or old or if you might have been using the same passwords across different sites/apps. It’s a detailed result of a comprehensive study on all your passwords and trust me, it’s a very good feature to have.

For all of these, I think that LastPass is one of the best password managers out there. Most importantly, it is the only password manager that offers a free service without any major missing feature. Apart from being good in its main service, LastPass also has some important additional features as well which is pretty dope. I am totally happy using it.

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