Microsoft SMS Organizer Review!

After the inception of instant messaging services like WhatsApp, Messenger, etc., SMS is becoming obsolete. But still it plays an important role in India. All Indians in some way or the other depend on SMS. As a result, choosing a good SMS app becomes very important, but most people keep using the default SMS app provided by the manufacturer. Some of them also host ads in them ruining the experience of the user.

Android users have an advantage in this situation as they can easily change the default SMS app. Such an app worth taking a look is the SMS Organizer from Microsoft. It can easily be a good replacement for any default SMS app. It’s even better than Google’s Messages app. It’s loaded with useful features that anyone might want in a SMS app.

The most significant thing in it is that it has an SMS organization feature. It automatically sorts and segregates new SMS into different predefined categories such as Personal, Transactions, Promotions and Starred. When you download the app, it puts the older SMSs into these categories.

It also shows OTPs in a bigger and bolder way and gives a direct option to copy or delete it. You can also choose different rules to auto delete messages. There is also an option to mute all promotional SMS.

It also provides a proper tab for different offers and coupons in different websites and apps, but they might not work every time. Like Google’s Messages app, it also contains quick reply suggestions. The app can also show reminders from a SMS containing any related information. It also has a security feature which hides banking related SMS and shows all the credits and debits in a chronological order. This feature can only be accessed when the user verifies identity through the device’s pin/pattern/password. Fingerprint and Face Unlock can also be used for this.


It can also fetch real-time train location updates if the PNR number is provided. The app shows different order related messages in a very intuitive way. Not to mention, this app supports native dark mode and also has several other theming options. The app doesn’t require the user to sign in with a Microsoft account, so nothing is going to their servers and hence, privacy is maintained. Although users can choose to use back-ups which can be uploaded to Google Drive.

In a nutshell, SMS Organizer is the best SMS app in the market right now and everybody who wants to improve their user experience should download and start using it NOW!

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