New upcoming Google Maps features.

Here are some of the new features & UI changes that’ll be coming to Google Maps. So, here’s the breakdown of all the features:

Oh, and BTW, all the features were discovered by Jane Wong (@wongmjane).

And on to the features now:

New Transit Options:

Google’s working on adding more last-mile/first-mile transit options. It’ll be especially handy if you take an additional short trip to get to the main public transit like a subway station or bus etc. Or it can be the other way round then like the last mile transit type a thing. Maps will show you more options for connecting to the public transit, this includes car, bike, auto-rickshaw, motorcycle, and even ride services like Uber, Lyft, and Ola.

Google Maps New Transit Options

More accurate fares for ride services:

Maps will show you more accurate ride fares, by sharing your route info with the ride service of your choice. For now, the option only shows up for Uber, but Maps will probably add more services eventually, probably depending on your location (IMO). So, nonetheless, it’ll be better than the current fare situation in Maps, like multiple times I’ve noticed that when I see a fare in Maps it shows one thing and when I jump into the Uber app the fare changes (mostly to more than what it shows on Maps) and it’s super annoying!

Google Maps More accurate fares for ride services

Redesigned search bar:

Here’s the new search bar, it’s a bit more rounded compared to the old one and also includes the new Maps logo.

Google Maps Redesigned search bar

New “Place” Card Design, Review Mentions & Bay Wheel Integration:

Maps are working on a deeper integration for “Bay Wheels,” a bike-sharing service in San Francisco. Providing it as an option for directions. There are also some design changes to “place” cards which include Review Mentions for a location.

Google Maps New “Place” Card Design , Review Mentions & Bay Wheel Integration

Now there’s no word on when or if these features will roll out to the public,  but nonetheless they are all welcome improvements to Maps.

Source: Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter 

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