OnePlus 8 Pro’s X-Ray vision is a bug!

It has been a few days since we are hearing about a weird stuff about the new OnePlus 8 Pro device. The users are wondering if it is a feature or a bug. Yes, I am talking about the X-Ray vision in the camera app of the OnePlus 8 Pro. However, OnePlus considers this as a bug. The camera of the device having a special colour filter sensor, in certain conditions, can look through some plastic and other thin surfaces like clothes. As expected, this led to interesting observations and some photos by users. This also highlighted privacy concerns as well. On this, OnePlus said that it will soon roll out an update which will likely fix this “bug” in the device’s camera.


When the OnePlus 8 Pro started reaching the customers, some users reported that the Color Filter lens could see through some objects and more importantly even through clothes when a photo was clicked using the Photochrom mode. However, this only happened in certain specific conditions.


OnePlus remained quiet on all such reports, but now through Weibo OnePlus confirmed that it will temporarily disable this 5MP Color Filter camera in the future via an update. The company apologised for this on its part and clarified that the update for disabling the lens will be out in a week.


The update is to be released in China primarily and is then to be rolled out to global markets. The company said that disabling the camera is a temporary measure and it will be re-enabled after it has fixed the issue.


As per AndroidPIT’s post, the Color Filter lens is able to do so because, unlike normal sensors that have an IR filter which blocks light outside the visible spectrum, the Color Filter sensor is sensitive to IR and can sense light which is outside the visible spectrum.


The OnePlus 8 Pro base variant (8GB+128GB) is priced at Rs 54,999. The top variant (12GB RAM+256GB) has been priced at Rs 59,999.



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