Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 Announcements.

After India banned 59 Chinese apps, foreign companies such as Facebook and Samsung are trying hard to take a bigger bite in the Indian market. Recently, the Facebook-owned company Instagram was testing its Reels app in India which is a short video platform much like TikTok.

Samsung however has been very focused on the Indian market for years now. World’s largest mobile manufacturing plant is owned by the Korean giant and is situated here in Noida. But still, the company could not make a significant impact on the Indians through their mobile devices. They tried to take over the budget and mid-range market with their M and A series of smartphones but Chinese vendors like Xiaomi and Realme with their aggressive pricing did not let Samsung win.

But the current situation in India may turn out very fruitful for Samsung because of the India-China border tension situation. People in India are raising their voice and concern against Chinese products and for this reason, many are considering buying non-Chinese manufacturers’ phones. However, till now there has not been any impact on the Chinese vendors but if Samsung takes proper decisions then it might be gaining more sales figures. But the thing to be noted here is that Xiaomi and Realme and others too have plants set up in India where they assemble the devices and, in the box, prints the “Made in India” logo. This provides jobs to many Indians and makes the overall market growth.

Today, Samsung announced its Galaxy Watch Active 2 4G Aluminium Edition. But the most important announcement they made was that from now onwards, all Samsung smartwatches will be made in India and this special edition will be the first among them.

Mohandeep Singh, SVP of Samsung India said that

The Aluminium edition of Galaxy Watch Active2 4G is our most affordable 4G watch now. It’s also the first smartwatch to be made in India. With Galaxy Watch Active2 4G, we have also started manufacturing our entire range of 18 smartwatches in India as part of the ‘Make for India’ program.”

The Galaxy Watch Active series is Samsung’s most popular series and also the fastest-selling series among all other Samsung Watches and this new variant comes with an Aluminium case. Several color options are available in this watch such as Aqua Black, Cloud Silver, and Pink Gold.

Galaxy Watch Active2 colors

The Watch features the same touch bezel as the Watch Active 2. This has been Samsung’s solution for quite some time now. As it is a fitness-oriented Watch, it comes loaded with 39 different activity tracking modes. Users can also access videos of workouts and more via the Samsung Health app. The 4G version of the Watch has e-SIM support and hence you can take calls and reply to messages without depending on your phone.

Galaxy Watch Active2 activities

This new Galaxy Watch Active 2 4G Aluminium Edition will be available from July 11 and is priced at Rs. 28490.

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