Spotify is testing new video integration.

Spotify is probably the most popular music streaming service in the world, but that doesn’t mean it will stop adding new features and be better in its offerings. Just like YouTube Music, Spotify is apparently building a new video player on its “Now Playing” UI.

As spotted by Jane Wong (@wongmjane), Spotify is planning to create a tabbed interface on its “Now Playing” screen which will enable different options for several types of content shown on that screen. These new tabs may include options such as typical album art, “Canvas,” and the video section.

FYI, “Canvas” is a feature in Spotify that shows a small video clip or a gif in place of album art. It’s not the actual music video, but it is a subtle animation that looks cool in my opinion.

The new thing is the tabbed interface. Now at this point, it seems like Spotify will show full music videos within the Spotify app. Now there are no ground reports if it will be happening at all but if Spotify is able to pull this off then I think it will pretty much sweep the entire music streaming industry. Now, we might have an active Spotify subscription but if we want to see the music video then we go to YouTube. If videos come to Spotify, I fear that for at least music videos, YouTube will slowly start losing views. However, it is to be noted that Spotify had integrated videos contained in the past, but that now that is either difficult to find or completely non-existent for almost all songs and albums.

As of now, in the video tab, Spotify says it is “still exploring” what to do here, but the name itself suggest what this is all about.

Via: 9TO5Google  || Thumbnail: Pinterest

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