Twitter rolls out Audio Tweets!

Well, it seems like Twitter is on a feature adding/testing spree, recently they enabled the Fleets feature (Twitter’s version of Instagram stories) in India, also there were some leaks reading Twitter testing tweet reactions with emojis like that on Facebook. 

And yesterday, Twitter added another feature – Audio Tweets. Yup! Now you can express your inner feelings in your tweets! Which previously couldn’t be done with just text, because sometimes 280 letters aren’t just enough to paint the full pic of whatever you’re tryna say. 

The new feature, for now, is only rolling out on iOS in batches, and till now there’s no word on when it’ll come to android. 

But you can still listen and see the audio tweets, even if you don’t have the feature to make one yourself. 

But if you do have an iOS device then, then click on the tweet button like usual, and then you’ll see a new waveform icon beside the camera icon. Then, tap that, and a red record button will pop up via which you can start and stop recording, so if you forget something in the middle of tweeting, just pause, and then when you remember, start right from where you left off.

Twitter rolls out Audio Tweets

Also, keep in mind that once you tweet an audio tweet it’ll display a static picture of your profile photo at the time of posting that tweet, so even if you later change your profile photo, it’ll not be reflected on any audio tweets of yours.

You can record up to 140 seconds (2.2 mins) of audio, and if you have more to say, then just keep talking. Twitter will automatically create a thread for ya. 

Audio can only be added to new tweets, you can’t reply to a tweet via audio or retweet via comment with audio.

Twitter rolls out Audio Tweets

When you click on an audio tweet in the browser it’ll play like any normal video on Twitter with a nice animation, and for the app, a dock will appear near the bottom of the app so you can listen to audio tweets while scrolling through your timeline. And it’ll also keep playing in the background even if you switch to another app.

Also here’s one more thing:

When asked by The Verge, regarding how Twitter will tackle the issues with accessibility regarding audio tweets for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Twitter replied saying 

“This is an early test of audio for us and we’re still exploring the best ways to meet the needs of people with different abilities.”

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