What To Expect From Apple’s Oct 13th Event

Yesterday, Apple officially announced their event that is set on October 13th. And like usual, Twitter went nuts after that announcement. And all kinds of speculations poured in. Even though most of the things were kinda leaked, that didn’t stop people from making their own prediction, as usual. So, if you’ve been stuck in the rumour mill, well I can’t really help you. Bummer, right? But here are all the rumored devices that are supposed to launch on Oct 13th.  

Also, just a heads up: These are leaks so, take them with a pinch of salt. 

/\  The iPhone 12 line up. 

New design. Most likely it will be like the iPad Pro line, with squared-off edges.

Credit: Macroumers

Now 120 Hz display, for this time at least. Though the “Hi, Speed” tagline may prove that wrong. 

All in the OLED. All the iPhones are rumored to have OLED screens. So they might not be fast, but they’ll be crisp. 

Four iPhone this time around, instead of three:

Credit: Macroumers
  • A new 5.4 inch model, presumably an entirely different phone. Also rumours suggest, it’ll be called iPhone 12 mini.
  • A not so expensive 6.1 inch model — most likely the iPhone 12, with similar specs as the 5.4 inch one.
  • A more expensive 6.1 inch model, the iPhone 12 Pro.
  • A new 6.7 inch model, the most expensive one. iPhone 12 Pro Max.

5G’s coming. But not to all iPhone and all places. The mmWave (the faster one) will most likely be available in certain countries and reserved for the top Pro ones. 

The 4th camera might not be the thing you think. The camera setup on most of the phones are set to stay the same. But the top end Pro one might get an extra LIDAR sensor. 

And lastly, GoodBye Chargers. Apple will say it’s for the environment. Samasung, Google and others will bash them about that, and after a year, they’ll remove it themselves for their fancy charging crap.  

/\  The Arm Mac. 


Chances of this one dropping in this event is pretty low, but Apple also said they’ll launch their first ARM Mac this year, and I don’t expect them to just casually drop on their site. So, they might talk about it in this event. 

/\  The AirPod Studio. 

Apple’s own $350 wireless noise-cancelling headphone. This one’s less of a rumor and more a thing that most likely will happen for sure. Coz it’s a long time coming. 

/\  The Smaller HomePod.


Apple’s rumored to launch a smaller version of their, extremely not so popular yet very good sounding HomePod. They’re rumored to launch anywhere between $150 – $200. 

/\  The AirTags. 


Also another long time coming product. If priced properly, they’ll probably sell a shit ton of these otherwise, probably they’ll still sell a lot of these, coz Apple!

And that’s pretty much it. They might drop something else or maybe not. 

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