WiX Review: Simplicity has a cost!

Well first things first, What’s WiX ??

It’s a drag-and-drop editor which makes it easy to create a professional “looking” website – without having to know a single line of code! It comes with hundreds of free templates and great tools to customize your site to your liking and needs. Wix became pretty well known over the last few years, all thanks to their MASSIVE marketing campaigns starring stars like Jason Statham, Gal Gadot and pretty much a lot of big YouTubers.

On the surface, WiX does look like a pretty good deal to be frank enough. I mean you can create a site without any coding knowledge or prior experience, you can customize your to your heart desires. And on top of all that you can get wix premium starting from ₹29/$13 per month, and that base plan also comes with a free domain for a year. Now compare that to any other provider like WordPress, well it costs way more and on top of that you need to get a separate hosting and buy themes if needed for the site and customizability is pretty low if you don’t know any coding or have money to spend on others to do the work for you. 

Wix Pricing
Wix Pricing

So, WiX seems like a great option isn’t it??  It’s cheap; easy to use; and customizable…Umm, well sorry to break the bad news but it ain’t that good as it seems on the surface. How? Let me explain..

Well all that simplicity that I just talked about comes at a cost….

Now I used WiX when I started this site. To create the site, design it and all, it felt really good at first but soon you’ll realize that you can only do that much, meaning when you design something with the editor you’re are stuck with it’s predefined templates and if you wish to do something else, well bad luck it ain’t gonna happen

Now, don’t get me wrong the WiX editor, it’s pretty good, easy to use and all. But it’s only good till you’re within the limits of it’s capability.

Wix Editor
Wix Editor

Also if you want to customize your mobile site separately, well technically you can but your mobile will just be a copy of your desktop site you’ll not be able to fully customise the minute details. Though to be fair WiX did fix this problem with it’s new editor named “EditorX’’ and I tried it too hoping that it’ll be good and well it is better but there’s still a lot left to desire.

Wix Editor X
WiX Editor X

And sites that you’ll build using WiX will be extremely slow, which’ll take forever to load taking up huge resources in the background. You might think that it’s just me and I’m pretty bad at creating a site, and I thought so too but I tried a lot of times and also took help from my friend who has a prior experience of building a lot of websites and still it was slow as hell…So then I ended up living WiX and shifted to WordPress thought it costed way more and it wasn’t so easy to do everything…but it Pros are way more than it’s few cons. As of the biggest Pro, the site loads way faster (not the fastest in the world, but respectable load time I’d say). 

Wix Site Load time
Wix Site Load time

So, for whom is WiX for??

Well if you’re just building a site for example your school project or you’re just building a portfolio or just any site which does not require highly customized templates or if load times don’t matter then WiX is the thing for you and it’s easy to use, cheap and fun to use. But if you’re trying to do anything which doesn’t line up with the above mentioned things then you’ll probably be good staying away from WiX.

Also FYI, if good customer service is a thing that you’d like to have just AWAY from WiX, because the customer service is really really bad like extremely bad you can mail them and I can assure you that you’ll not get a reply for sure.

Final Thoughts:

Wix is good if you use it within it’s capability, which to be frank isn’t very much. But if your needs are limited then go for it, it’s genuinely really good for those purposes and those purposes only. Now, also your mileage varies if you’re on a more premium plan which is not available in India but is present in the US, though I’m not sure if your experience will drastically change for it to be any good. My advice is that you should know your needs properly before making any decision so that you don’t end up regretting it.

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