YouTube might launch TikTok like features.

Nowadays TikTok has been in the news headlines very frequently. The app is roasted and grilled for several reasons and Indian Intel Agencies also warned users for its data privacy issues. TikTok’s videos are one of a kind as they are very small in length (15 or 30 seconds) and they are either hated or loved. There is no middle ground for this. Experts say that these small videos can have a dangerous impact on your attention span and concentration level, but now it seems that YouTube is also trying to do something similar. Reports are YouTube is also testing a new feature in its mobile platform which will allow users to create and upload 15 seconds of video clips. This feature might be called “YouTube Shorts”.

The 15-second videos will be multi-segment videos. Now let me explain what multi-segment videos are. In a multi-segment video, you have to constantly press and hold the record button to keep recording the video. Now if you stop holding the button then the video recording will be paused. Now you can again start recording the video from that point only till you reach the 15 seconds mark. This is very much the same as TikTok videos or Instagram Reels. FYI, the jump-cuts and sharp frame change in these videos are made possible by this multi-segment feature only. Now, YouTube is also making this feature available in its mobile app where it will combine the multiple-segment clips and upload them as a single video clip. If the total recorded video is less than 15 seconds then it can be directly uploaded onto the platform. However, if the user wishes to upload a clip longer than 15 seconds, then the user needs to upload the clip from their device storage. This was mentioned by the company itself in a blog post. For now, it is not clear whether YouTube will add filters, effects, and music just like TikTok in this new feature.

As of now, the feature is in experimental mode and is only available to some selected users only. If you are one of those lucky people then you should see a new ‘create a video’ button under the video upload section in your YouTube mobile app. It will be next to the existing ‘Record’ and ‘Go Live’ options.

Now several start-ups and tech giants are trying to give a good competition to TikTok. In the last few months, we have witnessed many apps and platforms showing up which are basically TikTok clones. Facebook has similar platforms – Lasso and Collab which are mostly like TikTok. However, it will be interesting to see how big giants come up with their offerings.

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