Zoom acquires security startup Keybase!

This lockdown has made several changes in society and slowly Zoom became the go-to video conferencing platform for most. But, with an increase in the popularity and installs, several security loopholes were discovered in Zoom and this situation is getting worse day by day. Zoom addressed this issue and promised a 90-day plan to make things better. As per the latest reports, Zoom acquired security start-up Keybase, which excels in encryption techniques.

This is Zoom’s first-ever acquisition. The company is now taking a team of 25 members from Keybase to its team as part of the deal, whose terms are not known as of now. So, from now on, Keybase will act as a subsidiary to Zoom and its Co-founder and CEO Max Krohn will lead the security engineering team. He will report directly to Zoom’s CEO Eric Yuan.


Keybase is a well-known company for building encrypted communication and file-sharing tools. Its expertise in such areas will enable Zoom to rectify the weaknesses of its video conferencing tool and provide users with a better service having fewer privacy concerns. In Zoom’s latest update, it has already implemented industry-standard AES-GCM encryption with 256-bit keys for more security. But, the keys, and the video recordings, are still kept in the company’s servers.

Now, Zoom wants to up their game so they are trying to use Keybase’s knowledge to offer end-to-end encryption to meetings for their paid subscribers. The company has also explained how it will work. The host will generate an ephemeral per-meeting symmetric key and clients will be in control of the distribution of keys and approval of other clients that can join a meeting.

This, Zoom says, will “provide equivalent or better security than existing consumer end-to-end encrypted messaging platforms.” The company further added that it’s “investigating mechanisms that would allow enterprise users to provide additional levels of authentication.”

Zoom is looking forward to publishing a detailed draft cryptographic design for its E2E encrypted solution on May 22. It will also collect feedbacks and implement the feature in the weeks to come. Now, this might make some users feel good for using Zoom but there’s time in implementing these features.

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